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All three books of the Gilded Serpents trilogy are now available in both paperback and e-Book formats. Keep checking back for new books in the sequel series, The Realm of Possibilities trilogy.

Dragon's Gift


Dragon’s Gift, Book One in the Gilded Serpents Trilogy, is a thrilling tale of intrigue and adventure, complete with faeries, demons, mystical pendants and dragons.


An ancient evil threatens the kingdom of Princess Kwyleeana. After awakening from a coma, she befriends a dragon, Baelwyn, and soon learns of an impending war. She begins a journey across the lands in an effort to stop a vile prince from marrying her and destroying her kingdom! Throughout this quest, Kwyleeana and her companions make new friends and new foes, while encountering faeries, kidnappers, love, and a demon-possessed forest. With its twists, turns, and shocking revelations, you will find Dragon’s Gift difficult to put down.


Magic's Price


Slipping out of the clutches of the wicked Prince was only the beginning. Finding the lands teetering on the brink of another war, Kwyleeana enlists the aid of her friends, human, animal, and magical, to find a way to defeat the evil encroaching on her kingdom. Yet, the magic she is coming to trust may betray her if she doesn’t find her answers in time. Battling both her own conflicted heart and the vicious creature her brother Pfenwic has now become may prove too great a challenge. Can she find the strength of purpose to save her people and her ailing father, or will the Fates spin their wheel against her?


In this second book of The Gilded Serpents trilogy, our heroes face ever greater obstacles to their success. Honor, duty, and love are soon hampered by deception, separation, and jealousy. With unexpected turns and vibrant storytelling, Magic’s Price is a captivating tale of facing your fears and finding the strength to fight when others are depending on you. Rejoin the princess, the squire, the dragon, the faeries, and all those who fight beside them as they continue their heroic quest to save Cantermere. 

War's Toll


With the princess drowned at sea, it is left to her allies to complete her quest to save her beloved kingdom of Cantermere from the Ancient One determined to possess it. Yet even as war looms and bloody battles commence, those closest to Kwyleeana still hold hope that she survived. Will the princess survive the evils Pfenwic has cast upon her, and if so, can she reach the final battle in time to save all those who fight to defend her home? The last Wars destroyed her family; what will this final cost?

This epic conclusion to The Gilded Serpents trilogy weaves together these many threads of the adventure into one dazzling tapestry. Stand beside the heroes you have come to love. Be there when they face their greatest enemy on the battlefield. Loss, hatred and fear will challenge them all as love, heroism and magic combine to test everyone’s mettle in the tumultuous tale, War’s Toll.

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