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Elizabeth Gaines Johnston

Elizabeth has always had a love of the written word and a flair for the dramatic, both of which lend themselves well to fantasy adventure novels. Though she would be quick to tell you she feels as though all her characters are her children, she is in actuality the proud single mother of two sets of identical twin boys, Tom and James, age 15, and Stephen and Robert, age 9. When not spending time shuttling them from activity to activity, Elizabeth manages to volunteer at their schools, especially as editor of the student art and prose newsletter, The Phoenix Spark, and as director/producer of the school drama club for 2nd-8th graders, The Phoenix Players. She loves spending time with her family in their hometown in Southern California, as well as traveling across the globe together in search of new adventures.


The Gilded Serpents trilogy has been a labor of love for Elizabeth for more than a decade (she will tell you the writing was the easy part, while the editing and marketing were less so), and while she is sad to see it end, she is thrilled for the opportunity to share her world with her readers. She hopes all her fans will visit The Gilded Serpents page on Facebook, and at her website,, and will join her again in the sequel series, The Realm of Possibilities, where Kwyleeana and her brood share adventuring duties with their offspring, traveling into the Realm of Possibilities and beyond.

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